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UNSEEN INSTANTS - Volunteer Journal

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"UNSEEN INSTANTS" - Volunteer Journal  

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(publication, newspaper print, 44 color images, text, 64 pages, 370x285mm)

In February 2016 I was one of the many young adults, to join an international humanitarian network helping refugees stranded in Greece. I followed and worked with numerous groups, Hot Spots and organisations in the 14 months after my first trip there. Functioning as a photographer with my DSLR for charity and press occasions, I relied on an Instant Camera to capture my personal perspective on what I experienced and the connections I made whilst being there. 

Volunteer Journal is telling about some of the less sensational but more tangible (human) moments in this heavily politically instrumentalized situation - from the best falafel stand in Northern Greece and keeping pets in abandoned shopping malls to the devastating effects of laws made in other countries - the elements that have me and so many others keep going back.

Awarded with the Hugo Roelandt Prize 2017 - Nominated for Horlait-Dapsens Prize 2017 - Shortlisted for STRT Schot Prize

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